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Integrity and Service that make the Difference!

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is the one-stop comprehensive professional organisation to meet all your real estate needs. We specialise in the selling and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties, property investment management and the servicing of corporate clients in their expatriate relocation and housing.

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VILLA GROUP OF COMPANIES comprises two Real Estate Agencies, namely, Villa Investments Pte Ltd and VI Property Consultants Pte Ltd.

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VILLA INVESTMENTS PTE LTD has been incorporated since 1979 while VI PROPERTY CONSULTANTS PTE LTD since 2010, established on the firm foundations of

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integrity and service that make THE difference

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. Our associates are not mass-recruited but are hand-picked based on prerequisites like good character, honesty, a great attitude, diligence and excellent interpersonal relational skills. Their potential is then groomed and developed by our rigorous in-house training which also encompasses an on-the-job apprenticeship under the watchful supervision of our experienced managers to ensure high standards of professionalism, ethics and efficient service.

As we move towards the future, to a constantly expanding globalization of the real estate market, we remain dynamic, innovative and growth-oriented to keep on the cutting edge of providing personalised, professional and pro-results service, harnessing the strengths of our dedicated realtors to bring out the synergy of knowledge, experience and creativity without swerving from our corporate philosophy of integrity and service that make THE difference!




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To educate and empower our team of knowledgeable, professional Realtors
to achieve success without compromise, holding fast integrity, honesty and high standards of service for the best interest of our Clients!



Villa Group

Our Services

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About Us

Contacts & Location

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Our Team